Preliminary Notice to Original Contractor in Texas Construction Contracts– Fort Worth, Texas Construction Attorneys

(1) Certified Mail
____________________ Return Receipt Requested
Re: Job: (2)
Owner: (3)
Location: (4)
Dear Sir:
We have furnished (5) on the above job to your subcontractor, (6) . Our books show an
unpaid balance due us on this job of $ (7) through the end of (8) .
We are giving you this notice in order to protect our rights under the mechanic’s lien laws of Texas.
We wish to cooperate with both you and our customer in any way that would be helpful. Should you desire any
additional information, please advise us.
cc: (11)
* * * * *
(1) Letter addressed to the original contractor under whom you are working sent certified mail.
(2) Name of project.
(3) Owner’s name.
(4) Address of job–street, city and state.
(5) Indicate generally what has been furnished.
(6) Your customer.
(7) Amount due.
(8) Date of last billing.
(9) Your firm name.
(10) Name and capacity of person signing letter.
(11) Your customer.


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