Notice of Retainage Agreement for Texas Construction Contracts– Fort Worth, Texas Construction Attorneys

Dear Sir:
Our company is pleased to be involved in the construction of your (2) at (3) under an agreement with
(4) your (5) . Our part of this project will be to furnish the (6) called for by the plans.
Our agreement provides that a portion of the contract price is to be retained until (7) .
The amount to be retained is (8) .
We are advising you that we have commenced supplying labor or material to your project and of the above
terms of our agreement so that you will have the information and notice required by law. If you have any questions,
do not hesitate to call us.
cc: (11)
* * * * *
(1) Letter addressed to the owner of the property being improved.
(2) Indicate type of improvement.
(3) Address of job.
(4) Name of firm under whom you are working.
(5) Status of that firm, such as “general contractor,” “roofing subcontractor”, etc.
(6) Describe the labor and/or material that you will perform.
(7) Insert time for paying retainage.
(8) Amount or percentage of retainage.
(9) Your firm name.
(10) Name and capacity of person signing letter.
(11) Copy the original contractor by certified mail unless you have a contract directly with the original


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