Written Authorizations: Notarization Requirement for Third-Party Representatives Has Been Dropped–TWC Rules–Texas Employment Law


Texas Employment Law: Texas Workforce Commission
Commission Rule 815.108 has been amended to remove
the notary requirement on written authorizations.
Previously, Commission Rule 815.108 required that a
report or form designating a third-party representative
to have written authority to sign for an individual or
employing unit to be sworn to before a notary public
or other officer authorized to administer oaths. The
notary requirement imposed an administrative burden on
employers and the agency.
In addition, the requirement was not consistent with the
processing of other TWC Tax Department documents.
As noted in TWC Tax Letter 05-12 (June 21, 2012):
“Effective immediately, Written Authorizations (Form
C-42) and Revocation of Written Authorizations (Form
C-43) do not have to be notarized. All forms available to
the public via the TWC website have been updated and
conform to the new rule.”


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