Texas Law on Alternatives to Traffic Control Signals–Texas Insurance Defense Litigation Attorneys

Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Section 4B.04  Alternatives to Traffic Control Signals
01 Since vehicular delay and the frequency of some types of crashes are sometimes greater under traffic signal
control than under STOP sign control, consideration should be given to providing alternatives to traffic control
signals even if one or more of the signal warrants has been satisfied.
02 These alternatives may include, but are not limited to, the following:
A. Installing signs along the major street to warn road users approaching the intersection;
B. Relocating the stop line(s) and making other changes to improve the sight distance at the intersection;
C. Installing measures designed to reduce speeds on the approaches;
D. Installing a flashing beacon at the intersection to supplement STOP sign control;
E. Installing flashing beacons on warning signs in advance of a STOP sign controlled intersection on majorand/
or minor-street approaches;
F. Adding one or more lanes on a minor-street approach to reduce the number of vehicles per lane on
the approach;
G. Revising the geometrics at the intersection to channelize vehicular movements and reduce the time
required for a vehicle to complete a movement, which could also assist pedestrians;
H. Revising the geometrics at the intersection to add pedestrian median refuge islands and/or curb extensions;
I. Installing roadway lighting if a disproportionate number of crashes occur at night;
J. Restricting one or more turning movements, perhaps on a time-of-day basis, if alternate routes are
K. If the warrant is satisfied, installing multi-way STOP sign control;
L. Installing a pedestrian hybrid beacon (see Chapter 4F) or In-Roadway Warning Lights (see Chapter 4N) if
pedestrian safety is the major concern;
M. Installing a roundabout; and
N. Employing other alternatives, depending on conditions at the intersection.


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