Request For Information From Owner in Texas Construction Contracts– Texas Construction Attorneys

(1) , 20____
____________________ RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED
Re: (3)
We are furnishing labor and/or materials for the above-referenced project. Pursuant to Section 53.159(a) of
the Texas Property Code, we request that you provide us with the following information within 10 days after receipt of
this request:
(1) A legal description of the real property upon which the above-referenced project is being
(2) Whether a payment bond has been provided to you on this project, and if so, the name and last known
address of the surety and a copy of the bond.
(3) Whether there are any prior recorded liens or security interests on the real property being improved
and if so, the name and address of the holder of the lien or security interest.
In the event you fail to furnish the above-requested information, you may be liable for the undersigned’s
reasonable and necessary costs incurred in procuring the requested information.
Also, we request you furnish our company with a copy of the affidavit of completion, if used, filed with the
county clerk for this project. Thank you for your attention to this request.
By: (5)
* * * * *
(1) Date of request.
(2) Name and address of owner.
(3) Project.
(4) Your Company.
(5) Officer of your Company.


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