Must Specifically Plead To Invoke The Trial Court’s Jurisdiction To Render Judgment For Attorney Fees–Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

ATTORNEY FEES in Texas Workers’ Compensation Cases–Pleadings

Even In a SIBs Case, Claimant Must Specifically Plead For Fees To Invoke The Trial Court’s Jurisdiction To Render Judgment For Attorney Fees
Rodriguez v. Ysleta Independent School District,, 2001 WL 125874 (Tex.App.-El Paso)
February 15, 2001

Claimant was denied SIBs by the Hearing Officer, and that decision was affirmed by the AP. Rodriguez pursued that quarter to District Court where he prevailed. However, he did not plead for attorney fees. The judge denied his request for carrier-pay fees.
The appellate court stated that there are only two exceptions to the rule that fees are to be paid “from the Claimant’s recovery”: where an insurance carrier unsuccessfully challenges a Commission order awarding SIBs, or when suing to enforce a final order of the Commission, with which the carrier has failed to comply. Neither exception of the Act applied in this case because the Carrier won at the administrative level.
Because the statute did not expressly provide for attorney fees in this situation, those fees must have been requested in the pleadings.


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