Medical Records for Designated Doctor Examinations in Texas Workers’ Compensation Claims–TDI Communication

To: Texas Workers’ Compensation System Participants

From: Patricia Gilbert, Executive Deputy Commissioner for Operations

Date: July 14, 2015

RE: Medical Records for Designated Doctor Examinations

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) reminds all system participants that 28 Texas Administrative Code § 127.10(a)(3) requires treating doctors and insurance carriers to provide all required medical records and any analyses to the designated doctor no later than three business days prior to a designated doctor examination. Additionally, if the required medical records are not received within one business day prior to an examination, the designated doctor shall reschedule the exam to occur no later than 21 days after receipt of the records. A new e-mail address for system participants to request assistance with medical records is listed at the end of this memorandum. Failure to provide medical records in accordance with the agency rule is an administrative violation and prevents the designated doctor from completing a certifying examination of the injured employee. Rescheduled examinations may result in unnecessary delays when processing a claim and bring increased cost to the system. Designated doctors are encouraged to reach out to the DWC for assistance obtaining medical records prior to examinations. DWC staff may contact treating doctors and insurance carriers that have not yet provided a complete set of required medical records to the designated doctor at any time before a scheduled examination, and will take necessary action to ensure all required medical records are received. The DWC asks all insurance carriers and treating doctors for full cooperation when contacted for assistance in obtaining medical records. Please contact DWC staff via e-mail at for any questions.



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