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The 1917 workers compensation law provided the basic framework for the Texas Workers’ Compensation system for the next seven decades. In 1989, after much debate, a new Texas Workers’ Compensation law was enacted, becoming effective during 1991. Provisions of this law formulated specific billing and reporting requirements for physicians treating injured workers and enacted a new income benefit and administrative dispute systems.  During the 2001 Texas legislative session, lawmakers passed House Bill 2600 (HB 2600), which again significantly changed the delivery of health care and workers compensation benefits to injured Texas workers. Since that time, the changes have just kept coming.

Texas, unlike other states, does not require an employer to have workers’ compensation coverage. The Texas system of workers’ compensation is essentially elective, meaning that employers can choose between providing worker’s compensation coverage to its employees or being subject to a civil lawsuit in the event of an employee’s death or injury by opting to be a non-subscriber. Workers’ compensation insurance may be provided through a private insurance company or employers may self-insure.

Because Texas workers compensation law is ever evolving, and due to the rapid changes in the current business climate, the below links are often useful to consult on a regular basis to make sure the latest information is at your finger tips:

Texas Department of Insurance:

TDI-Division of Workers’ Compensation:

Advisories and bulletins:

Appeals Panel Decision Manuel:

Medical Contested Case Hearing Manuel:

Medical Fee Dispute Resolution:

Workers’ compensation forms:

Informal Working Drafts:

Requests for a Letter of Clarification (LOC) of a Designated Doctor’s Report:

SIBs Work Requirements per County:

Proposed Rules:

Rule book supplements:

Administrative decisions including AP decisions and medical contested case decisions:


TDI Search for Company’s Attorney for Service:

Information on Networks:

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