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Employer Negligence In Lifting Injury/Duty/Forseeability/Damages
Brookshsire Brothers v. Lewis, 1999 WL 650786 (Tex. App. – Beaumont)
August 16, 1999


Plaintiff injured his back while working in a Brookshire Brothers Meat Department. The Beaumont Court of Appeals affirmed a damages award of $300,000 and stated:
1. The employer is not an insurer of its employee’s safety but does have a duty of ordinary care to provide a safe workplace.
2. The employer’s duty encompasses a duty to provide rules and regulations for safety, to furnish safe instrumentalities, and to select competent fellow servants.
3. These duties are non-delegable.
4. Proximate cause includes cause in fact and forseeability.
5. The test for cause in fact is whether the negligent act was a substantial factor in bringing about the injury and without which, the injury would not have occurred.
6. Cause in fact is not shown if the negligence only furnished a condition that made the injury possible.
7. An employer has an obligation to provide adequate help to do a task.
8. An employer is not liable if it provides adequate help but the employee proceeds with a task voluntarily when help is temporarily unavailable.
9. Comparative negligence not available to Employer.
10. No offset due the employer for other recovery by employee.


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