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Back in the day, truck drivers use to drive all over the country with daily stops in the morning to find a payphone so they could call dispatch to let them know of their location and how much farther they had to go to delivery or next pick up.

Then the pager got introduced to the trucking industry as a great new way of communicating with the driver. Wow, beep, beep, and then a number would come across the screen and the driver would find a payphone to call the 1-800 number. When Qualcomms got introduced many drivers didn’t like it because, they felt they were being spied on. What do drivers’ think now that cameras are being put into the truck cab? Not only to look out the windshield, but also looking at the driver as he drives.

Several reasons the trucking companies are giving for this new technology, for safety and data collecting information on drivers reactions as they drive. Whether it be a hard break, accident or bad weather. In some cases it has help some drivers to be better drivers’ because safety was able to see what occurred at the time in question. At times it just a bad habit, other times the driver is doing things against company policy. The company can help the driver by pointing out the bad habit or decide it is time to part ways…

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