Subrogation, Collections and Foreign Judgments

Do you need to collect your unpaid debts or overdue accounts quickly and efficiently? We are Fort Worth collections attorneys who are experienced in collecting delinquent accounts and unpaid debts. We provide assistance to our clients in collecting money owed to them due to delinquent invoices, unpaid promissory notes, and judgments, etc. We will relentlessly pursue debtors and reduce the debt to a judgment. Once that judgment is obtained, we will pursue payment by the debtor utilizing all available resources. Our approach includes Abstracts of Judgment, Writs of Garnishment, Motions For Turnover, Writs of Execution, Post-Judgment Depositions and pursuit of property exempt from execution.

The firm has represented numerous businesses and individuals seeking to recover on debts owed, including the drafting of demand letters and filing of lawsuits to collect as needed. The firm has been highly successful in recovering monies owed in its debt collection practice. We are Fort Worth civil trial attorneys who have not forgotten that we are in business to serve our clients.

We are familiar with and frequently utilize the procedures which allow an out of state judgment to be treated as a Texas judgment. Under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (UEFJA); Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code – Chapter 35 Enforcement of Judgments of Other States, we can proceed with collecting out of state judgments under Texas law. This procedure is extremely useful when a debtor does business in Texas, has been located in Texas, or has assets in Texas.

Williams, McClure & Parmelee has dedicated itself to maximizing subrogation recoveries on behalf of the insurance industry and other business entities. We are committed to assuring that legally responsible third parties are held accountable. Revenues recovered through a well-managed subrogation and recovery system can greatly enhance the profitability of underwriting and claims underwriting operations for any insurer.
Our attorneys have considerable litigation experience with the following types of subrogation related issues:
• Causes of action under multiple insurance subrogation theories
• Actions on negligence and negligent entrustment theories
• Actions on product liability claims
• Actions on fire claims
• Actions on premises liability claims
• Actions on uninsured motorists claims
• Actions to recover on workers’ compensation liens
• Actions to establish a workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s right to intervene in third party actions
• ERISA subrogation analysis and pursuit
• Actions on Dram Shop theories
• Contributions from coinsurers under other insurance clauses requiring interpretation
• Contributions against joint tortfeasors
• Determination as to measure of damages , including actual cash value (ACV), replacement cost and market value
• Indemnification against subcontractors and other contractual rights enforcement
• Made whole doctrine issues and the like
• Health insurance recovery issues
• Recovery of deductibles and self-insured retention
• Recovery of economic loss, goodwill, lost profits and exemplary damages and attorneys’ fees
• Actions for fraudulent claim payment recovery
• Bond issues
• Waivers of subrogation under construction contracts or lease agreements.
• Actions on construction defects claims